Testimonial From An Evening With The RDS Foundation: 2012

Other Testimonials

“You saved me when I needed to be saved.” – Psychotherapy patient


“Last night I had the opportunity to attend a former Sutherland Center client’s graduation from an alcohol recovery program. I was touched when the client asked me to stand and stated, ‘I would not be here today without your support. You saved my life.’ It is an honor to be a treatment provider at Sutherland Center, where I have the opportunity to witness individuals, such as my former client, transform their lives.” – Graduate student therapist


“Thank you for the great things you do so that people with Bipolar like myself can get the help we so need. Without what you do, we would just have to continue suffering with this challenge. I know I did for too many years.

“My life has been impacted by the help offered at The Sutherland Center in so many ways that I may not be able to cover them all, but I’ll try. I came to the Center almost straight from hospitalization due to a manic episode. I was immediately placed on medications that I still take because they have been effective. Without the Center’s provision, made possible as I understand it by financial providers or sponsors, I would not be able to receive them. I am very thankful!

“I also started therapy shortly after that, as well as being involved in various group modules. These have made such a difference in how I view my situations, relationships, and myself. Again, provision has been made available by the Center!” – Psychotherapy and medication management patient


“I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1999. Shortly after that I lost insurance and did not have regular employment. I thought there was no way I could get treatment, until a friend saw a newspaper article about the Sutherland Center.

“In March 2005 I contacted Sutherland, and things have changed tremendously for me in the year since then. I have received an extensive evaluation and diagnosis, regular one-on-one therapy, a five month course in Dialectical Behavior Therapy [DBT], and prescriptions for medication. The combination of medication, therapy and education has been very powerful for me. It has changed the quality of my life, and I feel that things are on the upswing for the first time in years.

“I went through three months of living in my truck this past summer. It felt like it was twice that long. With Sutherland’s support and help in working with that challenge I was able to keep my feet on the ground and find a place to live. I woke up a few months ago and realized that I had been free of severe [suicidal] depression for ten months. That felt remarkable. Then I looked back over the years for the last time I had that long of a depression–free period. I couldn’t find one — it was at least ten years. For me this was a remarkable sign of improvement.

“The stability and understanding I have gained this past year have allowed me to begin giving something back to the community. None of these good things would have happened without the help of the people of the Sutherland Center. They have been unfailingly warm and friendly whether in a class, therapy or crossing paths in the waiting area. I have told many of the people with bipolar disorder I’ve encountered in the last year about Sutherland, hoping that they will come there and find help. I am convinced that I am getting better treatment than anyone with bipolar that I have talked to in depth.” – Psychotherapy and medication management patient