Access Services

A professional referral is not required to receive services at the Sutherland Center. The typical process is as follows:

Call 303/492-5680. If you get our voicemail system, select option 1 and leave a detailed message with your name, telephone numbers (daytime and evening), good times to reach you, and whether we can leave a detailed message when we return your call. In the initial phone call we will ask which services you are interested in and will try to determine whether you are likely to qualify for those services. Although family, friends, or professionals are welcome to call to inquire about services for a loved one/client, in order to proceed to the next step we will need to hear directly from the individual who would be receiving the services. (Note: We prefer that you not use email to inquire about services, as email is not considered secure communication.)

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy: (1) If there is a waiting list for the services you are seeking, you will be added to the list. You will be contacted when you are starting to get towards the top of the waiting list. (2) You will attend a 90-minute “Needs Assessment” (intake) or a 1-hour “Skills Screen” to more definitively determine your eligibility for services and to help us determine which of our services are best suited to your goals. There is no charge for this appointment. (3) You will be notified by phone (generally within 7-10 days) of our determination of your eligibility for services, the fee for which you qualify, and the available start date of each of the services in which you will participate.

Psychodiagnostic and Psychiatric Evaluations: Eligibility for these evaluations is determined in the initial phone contact. A referral form with your contact information will be given to the therapist or psychiatrist who will conduct the evaluation; you will receive a call from this person (or his or her office staff) to schedule the appointment.

Sutherland Seminar Series: No phone call or pre-registration necessary — drop-ins are welcome!

Help us save postage and time! If you have been scheduled for a Needs Assessment, Skills Screen, or a Psychodiagnostic Evaluation, please download the forms on the Application Documents page and complete the questionnaire and paperwork packets before your scheduled appointment.