Clinical Services

Staffed by licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and master’s-level therapists, the Center offers the following services on a sliding-fee basis:

Individual and Family Therapy: Patients meet one-on-one with a therapist (individual therapy), or the patient and at least one family member meet together with one or two therapists (family therapy). Therapy is tailored to the individual/family, but we primarily offer structured, goal-oriented psychotherapy targeting symptom reduction, relapse prevention, and improved quality of life.

Sutherland Seminar Series: Weekly seminars on topics related to bipolar disorders. Learn more here.

Group Therapy: “The ABC’s of Living Well with Bipolar Disorder: Acceptance-based, Behavioral and Cognitive Strategies” is a weekly skills training group based on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for bipolar disorder and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The group meets for 1.5-hours on Wednesday evenings and is co-lead by two therapists. There are 5 modules — Behavioral Strategies, Cognitive Strategies, Acceptance & Defusion Strategies, Mindfulness & Self-Compassion, and Sleep & Mood Regulation — each lasting 4-6 weeks. New members can join at the beginning of a module and must commit to attending the entire module. The standard fee is $20 per session, but this may be reduced or waived based on financial need. An intake interview is required.

Psychodiagnostic Evaluation: Individuals seeking an initial diagnosis or second opinion may be seen for a psychosocial diagnostic evaluation by a Center therapist. This generally involves three sessions and includes a detailed clinical interview (sessions one and two) and feedback and treatment recommendations (session three), including a written report. Because the assessor is not a physician (psychiatrist), treatment recommendations do not include detailed suggestions about specific medications. We strongly encourage involvement from a family member or friend who knows well the individual being evaluated.

Psychiatric Evaluation: Individuals seeking a second opinion or medication treatment recommendations may be seen for a psychiatric evaluation by one of the Center’ s contracting psychiatrists. The psychiatrist’s diagnostic impressions and detailed treatment recommendations will be documented in a written report.

Medication Management: We do not currently have the funding to support a psychiatrist to provide on-going medication management services. We work with our therapy clients to help them secure affordable services in the community.

Community talks and training workshops: Center staff are available to give public talks and to conduct training workshops for therapists or prescribing physicians (e.g., primary care physicians, nurse practitioners).

To inquire about services call 303/492-5680.