Center Funding

Funding for the Sutherland Center at CU is provided from the Sutherland Foundation, through in-kind contributions from the University of Colorado, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, and from generous grants from the University of Colorado’s Outreach Committee. This partnership sustains the Center’s work.

Initial funding for the Sutherland Foundation was provided by the Sutherland family and the Colorado Grand, a world-class vintage car-touring rally founded by Robert D. Sutherland. These two parties provided important contributions to the Foundation which have helped sustain the Center.

The Sutherland Foundation is a donor-driven organization. Through our donor’s generosity, the Sutherland Foundation has now provided over $1 million to the Sutherland Center at CU. With these funds clinicians at CU, along with contracted doctors in the community, have helped over 2000 people impacted by bipolar disorder since 2001.

Funds from the Sutherland Foundation alone would not sustain the Center. The University of Colorado, through the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, has taken vital steps to sustain the Center, from housing the Center to waiving fees typically charged to grants made to the University.

Learn more about how you can support the Sutherland Foundation and thus the Sutherland Center at CU.