Support the Foundation

Since 2002, we’ve helped over 1700 people in our community. Over 1100 of those people have been educated in our 8-week Seminar Series. Our Center Director, Dr. Alisha Brosse, has trained 35 grad student therapists who’ve taken their skills and expertise out into the world, not just in the US, but to other countries. Most importantly, we’ve provided evaluation and treatment services to over 670 people. Our clients have been able to find new or better housing. They’ve gained employment, or they were able to keep their jobs. Some have gone back to school and are doing better in their studies than they ever have before. They have better relationships with family and friends, which is crucial to managing the illness. They’re no longer hurting themselves or acting out in self-destructive ways. And the list of successes goes on. We celebrate them all.

Here is where you can help. We can’t offer these services without funding, and your gift is an investment in someone’s wellbeing.

$1610 = basic entry treatment for one client. This includes a comprehensive needs assessment, psychoeducation through the 8-week Seminar Series and six months of individual therapy.

$1275 = medication management for one client for one year.

$552 = 48 weeks of group therapy for one client.

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