General Member ($10-$500)

With your membership, the Sutherland Foundation will continue to help those in need. Whether you join our membership program as a General Member or wish to make a larger gift and become a Leadership Supporter, a member of the Chairman’ s Circle, or contribute as a Professional Supporter, your contribution is vital to helping the Sutherland Foundation accomplish its mission.

Leadership Supporters ($500-$2500)

Leadership Supporters are those individuals and families who contribute $500 – $2500 per year. The support from our Leadership Supporters is critical to advancing the Sutherland Foundations mission.

Chairman’s Circle ($2500 and up)

Members of the Chairman’s Circle recognize the importance of the Sutherland Foundation’s work with exceptionally generous annual support. Learn More

Professional Supporters ($100 and up)

The Sutherland Foundation’s Professional Supporters program allows mental health professionals to receive special recognition for their support of the Sutherland Foundation. The support and encouragement of mental health professionals strengthens the Sutherland Foundation’s ability to continue its important work.

Corporate Benefactors

Corporate benefactors are central to the Sutherland Foundation’s success. The Sutherland Foundation invites all companies to partner with us to help make a difference. Corporate contributions allow the Sutherland Foundation to meet its mission of diagnosing, treating and educating people about bipolar disorder. We will tailor our partnership with you to meet your needs and desires for involvement. For more information, please contact Bob Sutherland (303) 651-6122 or