Sutherland Seminar Series – Complete Set (Parts 1-8)


All 8 parts of the Sutherland Seminar Series.

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Sutherland Seminar Series – Complete Set (Approx 10 hours)

The Sutherland Seminar Series is an 8-part audio recording of engaging topics related to bipolar disorders. The speaker, Dr. Alisha Brosse, is a licensed clinical psychologist and Associate Director of the Sutherland Bipolar Therapy Center. With almost 20 years of experience treating clients with bipolar disorder, she covers a wide range of subjects that are applicable, practical, and rooted in evidence-based research and proven treatment. The recordings are primarily designed for adults with a bipolar disorder, their family and friends who want to support and understand them, mental health professionals, and anyone who wants to better comprehend the complications, challenges, and implications of the illness.

You can purchase one, some or all of the series. Most sessions include an accompanying handout. $10/session or $80 for the entire set. 100% of proceeds benefit the Robert D. Sutherland Center for the Evaluation and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder at CU.

WARNING: EXTREMELY LARGE DOWNLOAD (748MB)- Not recommended for slow internet connections or mobile devices! Only accessible on a device that can open ZIP files. User must open a zip file to access audio files and file attachments.

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Approx 10 hours

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8 – mp3 audio files, Session Handouts, Series Overview, Personal Use License.


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